Creating backups of a game?

Hey, quick question. I’ve been working on a game for the past 3 weeks, and it’s saved on my PC. Now, I’d like to create multiple backups of it. How can I do that?

I saw that there’s a “Save as Gdevelop Cloud” option, but I read that it has caused problems for some people. I also read that you could save your data on Google Drive.

What would be a recommended method to securely backup the game online in multiple locations, so that in case of a PC failure, for example, the game could still be restored and worked on from another device?

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Hi Fitschlord2
I’m not sure but on my PC, I usually backup games using USBs or let my friends copy it on their device. Hope this helps.

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Hey, thank you for your response.

I had something like that in mind as well, but as far as I understand from forum posts, etc., once I export a game, I can no longer “import” it.

So if I were to save my game on a USB, I wouldn’t be able to plug that USB into another PC and continue working on the game with Gdevelop, right?

Because that’s exactly what I’d like to achieve: a way to securely save the game online in multiple locations so that I can continue working on it on another device if, for example, my PC breaks down.

Still, thank you for your response :slight_smile:

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To be clear on this: You cannot go from an exported game back to a project. (as in, you exported to an exe or APK, then deleted your project files manually.)

If you still have your project files, you can just back those up and use them whenever. There’s no limitation there.


Hey, thanks for the clarification.

Could you please let me know exactly which project files I should save for this?

Specifically, which project files/folders can I store online and use in GDevelop on another device to continue working on a previous project?

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Would I also need to save all the images, sounds, etc. separately, or are they somehow linked to the project?

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Hi Fitschlord2, I believe you should save all resources in the same folder(s) as the project file. Asset files aren’t stored in a project files as that would make backups really really large.

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You need to back up the entire project folder. The project json file itself only keeps the event logic.

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