Creating Destructible Crate

Hi, i am trying to add destructible crates that falls down if i break bottom crate until it touch ground. if i make all crates platform and platformer character at the same time it works great but it does not feel right i fear it could create performance problems at big numbers when i try adding constant down force when point not inside “platform” its working different than i expect, i read few topics about that and i get it why its not working but i didnt able figure out right way

add physics behaviour to the ground, your crate, the player and anything else that should be collided with.
then set it so:
Player - Kinematic
Ground/Wall/Unmovables - Static
Crate - Dynamic

Kinematic - Static but you can move them by changing velocity (or using behaviours like Platformer)
Static - cant be moved with physics, but can apply forces to other things
Dynamic - is moved with physics. Can bump into anything else that has the physics behaviour. Can fall realistically.

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Hi, you’re right. You can just make the boxes a “Platform” and then use “Change Y position” events when the box is not currently colliding with ground, and a boolean variable to check if it’s on air.
If boolean is true then break box on collission with ground.
I had a really great example in my game, but I lost the source code so I can’t show it to you :frowning:

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