Creating / Editing Scene variables feature request

So, there are 3 different types of variables ( as read from the documentation )
Global variables → which you can create / edit from Project Manager->Game Settings.
Object variables → which you can create / edit from right clicking on an object from the Objects panel.

And then Scene variables …

Where can you create / edit those? Yes you can do this from the events panel, but why is there no unified create / edit dialog like there is for Global and Object variables?

It seems like a natural place for this would be when you have clicked on a scene and you have the properties panel on the left :

Right now all that is there is “Click on an instance in the scene to display it’s properties” Which is useful information but this would be a natural place to add a list of the scene variables as well as a “+” to add more.

So, my feature request is to add a Scene Property add/edit panel just like there is one for Global and Object variables. And to have it visible when you have the properties panel open on a scene.

Right click on scene > Scene propoerties > edit scene variables :slight_smile:


I see now you can right click on a blank space in a scene … To be honest that’s pretty unintuitive. So perhaps we can add Scene Properties menu item to the context menu of a scene in the project view?

Or even if you just added another line of text under “Click on an instance in the scene to display it’s properties” of “Right click on a blank space in the scene to get to the Scene Properties panel” …

Finding things should be consistent.

Under Object list you can find object properties:


So you should be able to find Scene variables by right clicking the scene from the Project menu:


Do you see what I mean? And it’s perfectly ok to have multiple ways to access this menu - it’s about discoverability.

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Yes add a new item in context menu of scene is doable i think :slight_smile:


That would be a good first issue on the GitHub.

I’ll file a ticket and reference this thread.

Ticket filed:

Thanks for the feedback.


This Helped Me With Making A Scene Variable Thanks

Right Click The Scene Then Click Edit Scene Variables. Then Finally Click Add And Call Your Scene Variable Whatever You Want