Creating Levels

I have the first level of my game completed. How do I create the next level and transition to the next level when the previously level has been played?

Add a new scene in the project manager (the left window), open this new scene (double click over the scene name) and edit it as your second level, finally in the first scene add an event and the action to switch the scene to this second level (of course with the condition to finish the first level) :slight_smile:


Level_1 Level_2

Level_1 events:

// Event 1
// Event 2

Conditions: Level finished (reach position, defeat boss, etc.)
Actions: Change the scene to “Level_2”[/code]

EDIT: Edited to avoid confusions.

Is that feature available in the events for the html5 project? My other section only has the option of compare two expressions.

He was not talking about a “Other” section. The scene actions are just under the “Scene” category.

Found it. Thanks!