Creating new levels in platform template

How do I…

  1. Move the actual graphics around in the creator? I tried to click and drag to move the scenery around. No luck.
  2. End the first level. The little green guy can hop along in play mode, but I don’t know how to end the level.
  3. Start a new level. How do I set the next level?

I’m a teacher who really needs to simplify this for his kids. Please help soon.



Right click on scene name and copy then create another scene and paste. Is it?
What do you mean by move around? Change position of objects? If so it’s just click and drag.
Put some sprite at the end of level, When the player collides with that sprite you change to another scene.

  1. Do you mean moving them to a different scene? You can make objects global by right clicking. Or do you mean sorting them? That works with drag and drop.

  2. set a condition for when the level should end. For example on collision with the goal, or if the scene contains no coins.

  3. Then you can use the change scene action. If you want to end the scene use the one with the arrow to the right symbol.

The best thing would probably be to have all the game logic you need in the levels in an external event and link it to the level events you need it in. (clicking the ‘+’ in the scene event and then ‘Link’

You should start by read how add scene and how use action for change scenes.
I recommend you to start by the beginning if you are a new user.


HI! I’m on a Mac, so I tried the control click on scene name, but it only offers to close the scene. By move around I don’t mean position of individual objects, but the entire screen so that I can see the game level from the start to the finish. Basically, I want to pan from beginning to end. When you say put a sprite at the end of the level, which sprite in particular? Will my student needs to code for it to switch levels? I need to make this as basic as possible.

Oh, hang on… just figured out how to scroll from beginning to end, but I need help with the other things. Thanks! Also, can my kids save their games if they use the online version, or would I need to download the app?

You need to download the app.