Creating objects from the position of multiple instances of an object

So i want to make object1 appear at the x and y position of object2 - I have done this, but i want it to continue doing that for each instance of object2 (more instances will be created during the game)
The way i have it at the minute is that it works for the first instance of object2 but when i add more instances it doesn’t work on them but continues working on that first instance. I am using the condition “Create an object from its name

Can you provide a screen snip of what you have at the moment - it sound like you may need a repeat for each object event. But a screen snip would confirm it.

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It seems to me that the create an object from its name thing is only ever referencing the first instance of sunflower

The problem is that the timer is > 7 seconds condition is in the wrong place. It gets reset the first time you create the sun object. So it won’t meet the condition for subsequent objects.

The fix :

  1. Create a new event.
  2. Drag the condition that checks the timer > 7 seconds from the repeat event into this new event.
  3. Then drag the repeat event to be a subevent of the newly created event.
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It works now, thank you!

Also there is no point in using create from it’s name here, it is only ever useful if you want to create an instance of one object of an object group.

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