Creating random objects

Hi all!
I don’t know if I’m doing it correctly.
I have a pink ball and a cian ball in a group and I want to make them appear randomly on scene.

1st image: it’s creating the ball each 3 sec. but only the cian ball wich is my 1st ball in my group list.
So I decided to assign a object variable and change it after the ball has been created, the way it wont be created again.

2nd image: shows what I did, but no balls are created at all.

What am I’m doing wrong. If I assigned the variable at the begining and declared it on Condition field bellow, it should work! Or not?

Hi, maybe this example can help you to set your scene up GDevelop 5.

Thank you! It really helped a lot! I’m gonna work on that to adapt it to my purposes. Have a nice weekend!