Creating the Car extension Topic

Hey, i am creating the TopDown 2D car extension and in this topic I want to group all the ideas for this extension and all the difficulty.
Actually i am doing the drift and to do that when the car rotate it just pick the old angle and it gives a force angle, it’s ok, but i dont like to much
(For some reason I can’t post a video)
I post here the code

Any suggestions to make it better?
I want to create an effect like this

This link have the alpha of the extension if someone need it

I shared this idea on the similar Reddit post but here’s a good place to share it too. Taking your example image above…

The car is traveling in a basic circle so the mechanics of that are simple. Rate of change of angle and a constant forward force. What is unusual is the angle of the vehicle in relation to the circle.

Would it work to separate the mechanical object from the visual object. Apply the movement rules to the mechanical object and then attach the visual object as a sticker. Disable the match rotation option and then you can rotate the visual object in any way you like. Turning right you would add 20 degrees when drifting, minus 20 degrees going left.

Or you could go the other way and have the turn angle of the mechanical object trail that of the visual object. If the angle difference is small enough the mechanical slowly tries to match the visual. If the gap gets too large then you “spin out” by the mechanical suddenly matching the visual.

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currently I don’t want to create a double object, but I would like to enclose the entire ecosystem of the machine in a single behavior that developers can put on an object and away, nothing more, so many problems can be avoided, for the concept of drift it must not be perfect, at least at the beginning, but you need something that gives lateral thrust when the car turns at a certain speed (This video exaplain it well, I did a test which unfortunately I can’t show you due to the fact that I can’t upload videos to the forum and it seemed like a good start to me, so the basis on which I should start is to calculate and push towards the corner the car was previously going, while steering. Now I’ll link you to the video you can find on discord Discord

Btw i just updated the Extension on the top of the post if you wanna try it