Creation of something where the users can find every known and confirmed Bug

I really like GDevelop but it’s really frustrating when you find a bug and you don’t know it and you lose a lot of time just to understand that it’s not an error in your “code” but just a bug; obviously, it’s inevitable when it’s the first time that a bug it’s found but can’t be done something that should warn the others?

So I think that something user-friendly (a doc, sheet, etc on the site or on the app) should be created; something where a user can search all the known bug at the moment that need to be fixed and linked in the app so that you can access it anytime!

To make an example: I have found a bug where the collision in the physics engine, sometimes, doesn’t trigger (to be clear: the object always bounce back but if you use the condition “X is colliding with Y” and some Action, the Action, sometimes, doesn’t trigger; [Partially Solved] Possible Bug with the Collision using the Physics Engine) and I think it should be reported somewhere accessible to everyone so that if someone else want to use it, doesn’t lose all the time that I have lost to figure it out!

Maybe I’m wrong but I think that there are plenty of bugs that the users aren’t aware of while the dev know.

What do you think?


What you’re asking for basically exists already, and is called Github: Issues · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Issues that are outstanding and/or are being worked on will be there. It is also searchable.

Issues on the forums that are found to be repeatable get moved to the github, too.

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Yes, but it’s not really user-friendly and it’s difficult to know what, at the moment, is “broken” or not!

Maybe is just my guess… :man_shrugging:t2:

Github is quite literally an industry standard for game engines and game dev.

If you think something is broken, you can search on the github (and the forums)If it isn’t there, then no one else has reported it. If it is there (and the issue is listed as open), then it is reported and isn’t resolved.

Closed items are no longer found within the default search.

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When you do know something supposed to work and why is it not work, you can easily find it on GitHub and the forum if someone has already reported the problem.

Other times, if you are uncertain why is something does not work, you are welcome to post your problem on the forum with a detailed description, screenshots or even links to your project and ask what the problem is. So people can have a look and confirm if it’s a bug or else and find a possible solution.

What I recommend and personally I always do is when something does not work and you have no idea why, create a new empty project and implement only the part that does not work and only the essentials required for it to work, nothing else. Isolating the problem from the rest of your project often helps to see it through more clearly and realise what the problem is and confirm if its a bug. If you find no solution but at least you can reproduce the problem in a new empty project , you can upload it and ask for help as I have mentioned above.

I know reproducing a problem in a new project can be a real pain, this is why when you design your game, you should design it modular, put everything in to it’s own module so you can easily disconnect any part from the rest of your project and debug it.


Yes, I do the same too.
But to give an example: in the link of a bug in my first post in this thread, in a month, no one has answered if it’s a bug or not and if it’s already known or not (but I haven’t find it on GitHub)! And I think it’s a major bug that “break” the purpose of the collision Condition in the Physic Engine 2.0.

I already knew to look on GitHub for issues (and I think there should be a link at that in the GDevelop App) but I think it’s not user-friendly for a “no-coder user” who is the “target user” of GDevelop; at least not like a Google Sheets (just to make an example) that say something like:
“Physics Engine 2.0 Collision Condition sometimes doesn’t trigger the Actions; use at your own risk”.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful cause I really like GD and the work that has been done so far but if you think that it’s ok the way it is now, ok: I said what I felt the need to say! :slight_smile:

Fair enough, I can’t really tell why nobody answered. I did have a look at the example you have shared and it does not reproduce the problem for me. It is works as expected.
So it is possible others tried it too and did not experienced the bug and just ignored you.
It is also possible people did see that Silver-Streak and MrMan did reply and they are very good at helping people so others didn’t even bothered to look because 2 helper is already there.

I can see that you are using a timer to count how many times you launch the ball and then you check the collision and count how many times the ball collide. If you set the force too low, you may apply the force more than once by the time the collision is happening. So it is one I can think of. If it isn’t that, then try to update GDevelop if you haven’t already because the example does not reproduce the bug for me as it is.

I mean I understand your point of view but the thing is, regardless you are going to spend lot of time debugging and fighting bugs. So the way I see it, instead of searching a long list of bugs every single time you have a problem, instead I think it is makes more sense to work on your debugging skills so you can quickly and effectively figure out if the bug you are experiencing is in your events or is it in the engine you are using and then you can also be more confident when you post about a bug or asking for help.

Really? Then there is something wrong in what I am doing… I have tried some other time and this time with ONLY this code:

and this Behavior for the Ball:

and for the Wall:

I get this:

It doesn’t count the first and the second collision and others after that. And there is nothing else in the Project!
I think I need a priest to bless my PC…

Nope, I can not reproduce it.
Can you make sure 100% you get the bug, save the project and then can you share the project in which you get the bug?
Also which version of GDevelop are you using?

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OK! I have tried to run the same project on a Laptop and that bug is not present.
On both, the Desktop (where there is the bug) and the Laptop, I have the last version of GD and Windows.

Do you know of some type of software that would interfere with GD?

P.S.: Thanks a lot, lifesaver! :slight_smile:

Sorry, no idea what could possibly interfere with GD in such a way.
Do you get any error message in the developer console?

Launch the preview and then in GDevelop go to View → Toggle Developer Tools
The developer console open in the preview window, select the Console Tab.

Does it display any red errors or yellow warnings?

If it does not, do you get the bug also if you build a desktop game and run the stand alone game independently from GDevelop?

Yes I get 1 error red and 2 yellow when I open the project:

and another red after a preview:

The same errors are in the Desktop and in the Laptop; both with the last version of GD freshly installed.
Also, I’ve built the desktop app and it give me the same problem.

Those error messages and warnings are not related. They are for some missing fonts, it should be not causing this.

At this point I have no idea what could possibly causing this.
The only thing I can recommend is make sure your drivers and Windows is up to date and disable everything that is running in the background like Chrome, Antivirus, cleaning and maintenance utilities, live wallpapers, 3rd party application launchers, staff like that.

If it does not help, I would personally boot a Linux distribution from a Live USB without install just run the OS from USB and try to run the Linux build of the game or open the project in GDevelop on Linux.
In case you get the same bug on Linux, it is indicate that it could be a hardware problem.
If you don’t get the bug on Linux and all your Windows drivers are up to date, Windows is also up to date, you have disabled all 3rd party applications running in the background then I would consider a fresh install of Windows.

I believe you mentioned somewhere you are running Windows 7 (maybe it was somebody else). If that is the case, I would take this opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 or even switch to Linux at this point since Windows 7 is no longer getting updates anymore, not safe.
Even though Windows 7 is listed as supported, Windows 10 is recommended.

If nothing is helping I mentioned, I advice you to create a new post in the bugs report category and explain that you get this bug only on your desktop PC. Maybe a developer care to investigate it further.

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Thanks for the advices. I’ll try them but, at this point I think it’s an hardware problem because I have pretty much the same software on Laptop and Desktop (and Windows 10).

Thanks again.