Criação de Monstro (Monster Creation)

Project Metrovania


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Alguém pode me dar um tutorial sobre como criar um tipo de monstro do zero
Chefe, pássaro, cavalo, dragão etc.
Eu também gostaria que ele tivesse HP e Soltace Magic

Can anyone give me a tutorial on how to create a monster type from scratch
Chief, bird, horse, dragon etc.
I would also like him to have HP and Soltace Magic

There’s not really a tutorial on this because the question is super open ended. You can make monster stats/actions/etc however you’d like.

However, if you’d like to see how I made a few, you can check out the first thing I made in GDevelop:

The project file is available for download if you scroll down.

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good afternoon managing to assemble your project with mine but i’m just having difficulty with the hitbox for some reason the character is not organized in
hit box

Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Please note you shouldn’t try to 1:1 recreate what’s in the example. You’ll need to adapt the methods for your own game, and that means not using the same object names/groups/etc.

Also, please ensure you’ve gone through at least the first three tutorials here: GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]

I already found it…