Please add ability to crosscompile your games to Linux/Windows when you are working on the opposite OS. Having to have VM just to do Linux/Windows version of your game is not fun.

Just make it an HTML + JS project and then you can run it on all platforms! :wink:

Hehe, but transferring saves from computer to computer is not as easy and I don’t have much control over where saved files goes. Not to mention that HTML5 doesn’t have many useful extensions that native version have, like lights, etc.

I don’t think there is any way to do lights in HTML 5 at all, but pretty much everything else is possible and more HTML 5 features are being added with each new version…

It won’t be done, it can’t be done from Windows to Linux, it could be done from Linux to Windows but it involves asking the user to install a lot of thing.
Maybe one day when native games are back in fashion, but for now you better try to make HTML5 games if you want easy cross platform. :slight_smile:

Yes exactly :slight_smile:
Really, it do not see any great advantage for now, I prefer spending time on making HTML5 games ready for mobiles, everybody and everything is going mobile now!

Well, great advantage would be that we don’t have to use VM or dualboot to develop for all platfroms, maybe :confused:
For cross compiling the best option would be if you could develop a custom package format, store game assets, scripts inside this custom package and use a precompiled executable to read\run content of package on all platforms. If necessary you could also store platform specific source inside the package and compile it on first run on consumer pc (on target platform). Of course everything would be encrypted inside the package and only the precompiled executable could decrypt and read the content. Many crossplatform engines use similar technique to make it simple the cross compiling. Or you could do what Scirra does, bin the native platforms written in C++, and use only HTML5 and JavaScript on every platforms in the future.

Otherwise, in development of HTML5 for mobile I hope you are consider that, not every smart phone’s got quad core cpu and 1GB RAM, there are also entry level smart phones and at the moment GD HTML5 games wont run on any of them without dramatic fps drop :slight_smile: … lications/

I meant there is no way to do it or any work around to do it in the current version GD… All in all, this cross-compiling business seems like an awful lot of effort when HTML 5 will run on all platforms and many mobile devices.

Hold on. Then how comes any other game making software (Multimedia Fusion, Game Maker, Stencyl, CraftStudio) does EXACTLY that?

They do not compile the code. They just store the events in a file, and they have an interpreter that read these events and apply them during the game.
Game Develop does a real compilation: Events are translated to C++ (or JS for the web platform) and got compiled by a real compiler. This has a lot of advantages, mainly this allow to be sure that nobody will be able to reverse engineer your game (where some years ago a game maker “decompiler” existed) and this improve performance. Unfortunately, C++ cannot be cross compiled from Windows to Linux.

Please don’t be so hard with me when it comes to asking for new features. I’m not lazy but I can’t implement everything and support everything. I have to make strong decisions about the architecture of Game Develop.

How difficult is it to decompile an online platform game made in G(ame)Develop?

Not trivial for sure, events are not stored in the exported game, there is only the Javascript generated code and it would be really difficult to create a program to revert it to the original events (And even more difficult when the exported game is minified) because most of the time events are translated to more than one simple line of code.
(On the contrary, I’ve looked at Construct 2 and it seems that events are stored as JSON. We can imagine that they could be translated back to the original XML file containing the project, even if it is surely not as easy).