Crosshair in 3D FPS Gdevelop

Hi, I’m creating a 3d game, and I can’t find an option to program the crosshairs for some game, I can’t program it to do something like, when the crosshairs sprite points to the enemy or object, perform the action I want, I hope you understand, I know it’s poorly written.

What is the exact issue? Is the crosshair not aligning correctly? Are you experiencing difficulties in triggering the events? Please provide more details so that we can assist you.

how do I make it so that when the crosshair is pointed at the enemy, it executes an action, ex: “crosshair” is facing towards “enemie” - change the animation from “enemie” to “enemiedeath” since the crosshair is an object of the GUI, and the enemy is a 3d object, so it doesn’t work.

Interesting. Have you tried using ray casting?