Crypto - encrypt user data

Hello, is there a way to encrypt user data. In the extensions I had found “Crypto”. Has anyone tried this or something similar?

What for? Encryption just means basically locking information behind a password. So unless you ask the user to enter a password of their choice every time they save or load, which is super inconvenient and annoying, you would be using a password that is pre-defined in some way. If the password is obtainable through a deteministic method (e.g. the local computer’s mac address, or a cleartext pre-defined value in your events code), then assuming a potential attacker is after your game’s user data (already a very unlikely scenario), if they already managed to obtain the encrypted user data, they have access to the machine and can determine the password used on that machine.

Protecting user data is most likely something you shouldn’t need to worry about, thinking someone will steaal it is just being overly paranoid, and even then encryption by its nature cannot help you protect user data.

I had planned to develop an offline password manager for Android. It would make sense to encrypt the user data.

That’s fair, in this case, it makes sense to ask for a password every time and therefore to use encryption.

However, I would recommend not to use GDevelop for such an application. It cannot integrate with the system as well (i.a. autofill, secure storage APIs, etc) and cannot provide the same level of security as a native application would.

If your reasoning is that you are scared of password managers being hacked, you can instead host a bitwarden server on one of your local machines. It doesn’t need to be always on or exposed to the internet, and will allow you to sync your password across devices when you do have the server on and devices connected to your LAN. Bitwarden after the initial setup works fully offline without requiring access to your server.

That sounds good. I’ll take a look, thanks.