Current Frame Within Animation Issue

I have a treasure chest with a force that makes it move from the right side of my game to the left side in my game scene. It has 5 frames in animation #0. I want a gold coin to float out of the chest when the current frame is #2 within animation #0. I tried adding a condition that checks if the animation is #0 and the current frame is #2. But it will not create the floating coin unless I make the current frame #0. Why won’t it create the coin on frame #2? Any ideas?

The event that checks the animation and frame numbers is a sub event. What is the condition that is sits within?

It is in a timer. The timer creates fish nets that move across the scene.

And therein lies your problem. The timer fires off once every 2 seconds. If you are lucky, then the animation frame is at #2. But depending on the animation frame rate, it’s likely that at the 2 second mark your animation frame is 0.

It’s easy to fix - place your coin release event outside of the timer event - so it’s at the same level as the timer event. The event is not reliant on the timer being over 2 seconds and shouldn’t be in there.

Thanks. That fixed it.