Cursor change on Mouse Hover

Hi there!
I’d like to indicate clickable elements on the game by showing a different cursor animation when the mouse pointer is over them, in every scenes available.
How could I globally “tag” elements as clickable objects? (Like in CSS terms, the same effect as the .class function)

Thank you!

Should be relatively easy. You’ll want to review the following event actions/conditions and use them. The actual logic will be up to you as there’s dozens of ways to do it:

  • Use the event action that hides the mouse cursor (probably at the start of your game’s first scene.)
  • Group all of your clickables into an object group (probably named “clickables”)
  • Add a sprite with animations for each mouse cursor type (pointer, clickable hand, etc).
  • Add the cursor sprite to the scene(s).
  • Set up events that position the sprite at your mouse cursor’s position (check the expression builder for the Cursor X/Y position expressions).
  • Then set up an event that when the point (Cursor X and Y) is inside of the “clickables” object > Set animation of your cursor sprite to clickable hand/whatever your animation is.
  • Do the same thing again, but within the “Not” condition, and set the animation back to the normal pointer.
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You can use the cursor type extension, it also has a behavior you can give an object to change the cursor to one of the system ones when hovered


Wonderful, thank you very much for the help!

Great, thanks for the tip!