Cursor Type at object groups

I would like to use the “CursorType” extension for several buttons.
But if I add more than one object to the object-group, the second event no longer works.

I’ve never used ‘cursortype’, but have you tried a for each?

Delete Trigger once and switch the position of both events, then it works.
But isn’t the not-in-collision event executed million times now?
(the “buttons” example use the same events)

As the trigger once is after the cursor/touch on condition, it’ll be called every frame anyways.
Btw, I am updating the extension to add what you want to do via a behavior :wink:

Hm with Trigger once it doesn’t work because it doesn’t know that the cursor was already on/not-on the object a frame earlier right?
Then even a cursor type condition or variable cannot help.
But I don’t understand why the order of the two events is important…
When I use the order like on my screenshot, Cursor is on an object is overwritten and I cannot see the pointer.
That makes no sense for me, why is the wrong or both events executed when my cursor lies on the object… internal magic i think :wink: But it’s okay, it works so far. If it is not a performance problem that I am 99.999% in the game not on the button and the event is true.
It has nothing to do with the extension, with change animation for a mouse hover effect, etc. it is the same thing.
Object groups cause the confusion. If I do it with just one object, I can use trigger once and whatever event-order I want.
Thank you, I’m excited about the via a behavior thing.

The extension has been updated with the behavior, reinstall it to get the updated version :wink:

buuut the action no longer works, even without a condition :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Do you have the behavior on any objects? While hovering an object with the behavior the cursor is overridden by the behavior, the action will only take effects when not hovering an object with the behavior.

No the action also doesn’t work without the behavior, in a clean poject.
If I rename and install the old and new extensions at the same time, the Action from the old extension works until I use the behavior.

I think the action is still important bc if someone has e.g. a pause menu that is controlled by hide/show, the mousover works on invisible buttons.

Weird when I tested it worked