Curved boomerang trajectory equation/formula

I am trying to get some equation for curved boomerang trajectory
And idea is i need equation / formula for it
So i can just input some values to variable and make boomerang go as i want
For example force and angle and distance variables

I am perfectly able to throw boomerang in straight line and return to me
I am perfectly able to throw boomerang in perfect circle
I am perfectly able to get all that with some static values
(Where i would simply check if value of some variable is between 20-80 and the subtract or add from it higher or lower value)
I am unable to find equation/formula for throwing boomerang in curve more like ellipse / egg shape

I don’t even know should i be going with throwing toward angle and then manipulating angle
or throwing boomerang toward position
And manipulate position

So any ideas are welcome

Hey ZeroX4! So adding new features to your game I see.
I happen to be experimenting with sine waves a short while back. I haven’t finished my experiments yet because I kinda got occupied with other stuff. But I’m thinking sine waves might be of help for you. Maybe, maybe not. Then again, perhaps you already know about sine waves… How exactly do you plan on manipulating the boomerang? Like perhaps follow the crosshair? Or some other button?

But if you haven’t tried sine waves yet, here are the equations I’m experimenting with.

I got the first one from a post here somewhere, I forgot where exactly… But I’m having trouble getting it to work. I’m likely doing it wrong. The other one that I got from google, that one works okay but for me, it still needs some tweaking.

On a side note, I did try your game. It kinda reminds me of Brotato. Although I didn’t leave feedback yet since it’s still too early in development. It is still early, yes? Although I have some questions… but yeah, I better save those for when the game gets more development.

Found the post:

Thx but i have no problem with wave movement
I did this

What is on red is actual multiplier where i could put anything like 4 or 70 or whatever (basically height of wave)
Where what is in green is starting position
If i would now change Y position of this new shapepainter and set to add 1 or to TimeFromStart() i would have sine wave just vertical instead of horizontal
And i would have much better control over it thx to my equation
Since as you see what is in green does not need to be adjusted since that is starting point
Red is multiplier you can replace with any variable or static number like even 10 for example
And all you need to care about is what you add to Spin variable where i add 1
And what would be added to Y position change since that would be speed of movement on Y axis
And i was able to make this out of it

Where your equation and equation from post you found gives terrible results if you try to modify values in them

Do not get me wrong they work perfectly fine for wave movement
But wave movement is actual perfect circle movement without it turning around
And like i said i have no problem in making perfect circles
All i need is equation to shove in something there some wild card which would make it ellipse and not perfectly round

Then i can work on replicating it for other side
And yet IDK if its better to make it with force toward position or toward angle
I can do both with either like straight line with smooth speed lose/gain
And perfect round circles
Yet not ellipse/egg shape like trajectory

As for my game there is not even a game there
Like i siad i was making farming game then i wanted to add menu then i added weapon and well all there is work in progress
And i don’t read reviews
Since i did not made any games yet so i don’t see a reason to read reviews
Like you make pizza and someone tells you add more salt
Well that would be good tip if someone knew you will add some salty meat so maybe more salt is not good idea
1st you need something that exist in some ecosystem
Then you can figure how to adjust/improve it and not before

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Ah, you’re right, while I can modify stuff on my equation and they do work to some extent, the movement just isn’t smooth or natural. So I will be studying your equation, that will definitely come in handy. Thank you very much!

And yeah, I’ll make sure to not comment about your pizza. Heh!

Only other thing that comes to mind is the curved movement extension, but I’m quite certain that’s not what you’re looking for.
Seems you’re gonna need help from the top level experts this time. Good luck!

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My method is less elegant then using sin wave equation
But a lot easier to customize
Also as you seen in that video it was meant for dynamically create objects that are having lower amplitude
Where i could totally control that

Anyway i don’t need experts help
I need idea
It does not need to be exact equation
I can figure that out myself
Problem is with logic
What divide by what what multiply by what
And i already have something that look ok’ish
I just need to work on it

And that is just by trail and error

I think that lets call it water drop shape of trajectory is actually pretty good for what i need
Now i need to learn what to modify to squeeze it or enlarge while adding offset so peak of trajectory be always at angle of player to cursor

And as for my game
I was just adding stuff to see how it works
While having various skins so i can decide what i want and what i don’t
I realized for example that satellites should be balls only which they are
But projectiles should be sharp objects which don’t spin like xmas tree triangle piece of cheese or triangle watermelon piece and so go on (as for triangles i mean ones with 2 sides longer and one shorter)
While boomerangs should be split into 2 categories
1 which would travel in straight line stuff like bowling pin or bottle or ice cream on stick or surfing board
And ones that have curve trajectory which either be boomerangs or something L shape like banana or something that looks like half piece of square sliced at 45° (so here triangles should have all sides even)

And now we would add discs so pizza dvd disc or analog disc saw disc frisbee hockey pock and so go on
And i guess this would be other type of projectiles
With punch trough where sharp ones would be destroyed on impact
But i did not decide yet it is just an idea

But i also consider to shove in fidget spinners cards and some other stupid crap

So i need to decide should all that crap be consistent or not where i would wish it to be consistent yet cards alone are tempting
Since i could make logic for you have 5 cards and whatever cards combo you select that will be your bonus
Where you monsters drop cards and some would be more rare than others
Where cards would have fatigue system

A lot of crap can be done there
BUT i 1st need to fix issues i am struggling with
Which are well this boomerang trajectory menus and damage from multiple sources
But sooner or later i gonna have it figured out