Custom collisions for platformer behaviour

As of right now, I believe the platformer collision can only either be a square or a rectangle.
I wanted to to make it a capsule to make jumping more fair towards the player. I could possibly use the physics 2.0 behaviour, but I would prefer using the platformer behaviour opposed to having to rework the player movement.

I’m not sure that I understood the issue, because you can set up a custom collision mask (with multiple angles and polygons) for the platformer behavior.

Platforms can be any collision shape you want (so long as it is convex).

Platformer characters can have any collision mask you want for detecting collision in regards to events.

For the behavior itself (Walking/jumping/etc with platforms), it only works off the widest point and the tallest point (AABB). This is intentional because the exact opposite of what you were looking for was happening. When it allowed for any shaped collision mask, platformer characters/objects/etc would stutter whenever near a slope or ledge, because angles were neither on nor off the platform.

If you’re looking into making jumping off a platform more fair for the player (not falling the instant they reach the end of the platform), you want to look into what is called Coyote Time.

I made a tutorial way back in regards to the general concept and 2 ways to do it in GDevelop: GDevelop 5 - Coyote Time Tutorial - YouTube

However, there is now an extension in the main extension list that simplifies this for you.

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Hello @MashyZ

Please let us know if this request is related and can fix your issue: [Feature in the Backlog] Different ways to add a point in the collision mask - #3 by Luni