Custom collison masks and slopes

Hi everyone, any help would be appreciated in this issues:

  1. my player can’t get any closer to the mushrooms’ stem

  2. when he’s on top of the mushroom he can’t go up the mushroom’s slight slope, id like him to go up just by using friction, played a bit with behaviours but couldn’t make it.

i’m using all conditions from gdevelop platformer project

Your mushroom’s hitbox could be problematic. Try just making the hitbox for the cap and see if that works. If it doesn’t, you may need to adjust the max slope setting behavior of your platformer character.

I see a concave shape, this isn’t yet supported.
Must add more shape one for the cap and another one for the root.


I guess it works.


You mean Bouh’s suggestion of adding 2 shapes?

I see you added a jump-through platform behaviour, which alters the way collision with the cap is detected. If you didn’t add that, the collision with the cap wouldn’t work because it is still concave.

But adding a jump-through platform behaviour is a cunning idea.

You reviewed the player’s collisions or in its defect the hitbox player (the red chart)

Thanks Bouh, that worked.

As for the second question, regarding the player moving up the mushroom? anyone as tips please? (it doesn’t move forward from this point)

I think it’s the slope max angle in PlayerHitBox behavior.
Try to tweak the value.
If you add chamfer on the PlayerHitBox collision mask at bottom this can help too.

Got it, you’re the best.