Custom function parameter

Its just not triggered.
I also tryed a simple function with creates an object, also not working.
What do i have to do exactly to activate costum extensions/functions/behaviors?

You cannot call encircleWP if you havent pass it though the parameters.
Try to set all encircleWP in global object but not sure, (Make a copy save before because global object is not reversible)

Same question on this topic :

I see.
Now, that everything is a parameter, it works to create the objects.
However, it does not get my distance.

Is my second parameter Distance (Number) and GetArgumentAsNumber(“Distance”) the correct syntax?

yes this is correct !

Then i have no clue why its not working D:

Think to set type of your objects in parameters

Do you have the event set for use by multiple scenes?

If so, make sure every object is in the list for every scene that you’re using the function in.