Custom logo in loading screen

Hello, I am trying to add my logo in the loading screen, i found this

while diggin through old forum posts, can someone please help me with how exactly to implement this script and where excatly?? A bit lost here, thanks!

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That’s the code which displays the custom loading screen and u need to open your game project with notepad, notepad ++ or visual studio to edit that. It takes a little knowledge of programming to edit that. I would advice you get a subscription then create a splash screen.

Buying a subscription does not give you access to the creation of a splashscreen.

In any case the code has to be edited. This isn’t in your project game.json.

The best tutorial for your now is here.


Hello Bouh, I downloaded the folder from github you mentioned here. but having a hard time how to actually implement it, I am using the quick export to export my game so how do i implement gd-splash-image.js and pixi-renderers in it? Do i need to open it with android studio and then implement it? Any help will be appreciated! Thank you.

if you use the android export, you need export your game manually, add the files and build with cordova.
Click on wiki button on top of this forum and search export.

You can also overwrite the files in the resources/GDJS/Runtime folder of your GDevelop installation folder. This forces the loading screen on every game you export but enables web export with the loading screen.

Thanks arthuro I have been doing that only, but do i also need to change the pixi render js file each time along with the gd splash image js?? Converted my png to js and replaced the file in the root directory but it was black and nothing happened. However i used bouh`s file replace both pixi and gd splash js and it works…need to dive bit more into it

can you please help me to convert png to js. I didn’t find any tutorial.

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Now I understand:

It is a way to store an image with manageable characters in a text file.

in case this comes up again:
The splash screen is not fully loaded on preview. If you want to see it you´ll have to export first and see it on the exported game.

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