Custom object appearance in the editor

Hey there.
I was modifying the Toggle Switch and Slider objects because they didn’t meet my needs, so I added a Text object to them.

in the preview, everything works properly.
However, the two objects do not appear properly in the editor:

The text is behind the slider and the toggle switch appears broken.
All I did was:
add the text (Label)
Add the events Create an Object and set center position for Label in the function OnCreate.
I couldn’t find any section to adjust the appearance of the object in the editor.

Custom (Prefab) objects are still fairly primitive. I wish they would use the editor to setup the objects. It’s basically a scene within a scene.

The documention is also sparse. From testing, it seems like the last object added to the prefab is used for the image or at least the size even if the object isn’t added to the onCreated events. Try making the last added sprite an image in the size or aspect that you want. That seems to work. I don’t know why it uses the last sprite and say the first or one that you choose.


Hey there!

I cant really help you with the issue your having since iv never worked with those objects… but…

I remember you saying how you never finish your games, or delete them too quick…

…try to finish and publish this one! I can already tell the level of detail and polish your putting into it, im sure its gonna be an awesome game! Keep it up! :smiley:

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