Custom points and collision masks for 3d box/model

Pretty self explanatory for a feature. Just like how it is for sprites, this could be useful for opening and closing doors and stuff, also I sometimes use points to make objects spawn at very specific areas. So I don’t have to do stuff for creating objects like Create object at Object.X() - 20. Collision masks. Sometimes a circular hitbox benefits. But not as much needed as points, oh I almost forgot. A 3d view editor for the points and collision masks would be very cool and gives more possibilities


Also. How to add tags to posts here?

Hello PiercingGames.
Thank you for the message :slight_smile:
It is me (core team) that assigns the tabs to the issues according to an internal naming, so don’t worry about it. :wink:

Yeah, custom points would make holding guns in 3d fps games a lot easier

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