Customer waiting system for a overcooked style game

I want to make a cooking game where customers come into the restaurant and wait at one of 5 points in front of the counter, if one point is taken then the customer goes to the next one and so forth, and if all points are taken then they begin stacking behind the already filled spots. I’m not really sure how to get a queue system like this to work and how to move and stop them at certain places.

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kinda like this if it makes it easier to understand

What happens after they get their order? Do they leave in the same direction they came in?

Im assuming after the person at the counter leaves the line would move up.

The movement can be done with the path finder behavior. It would be easier if they entered from the top then they wouldn’t have to walk around other objects. They could then exit the counter toward one of the sides.

I don’t know the best way to handle the lines. You can use hidden placeholder objects and check which ones are in collision with a customer to position customers near the counter and in lines. I just don’t know how to handle the que. It’s a little like a puzzle game where the blocks drop when other blocks are removed.

You could use long placeholders and count the numbers in each line through collision or maybe ray cast.

IDK. I’ve never done this type of actions. I’d start with getting the customers to move to a hidden placeholder object and then leave after a certain amount of time.

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I really love your idea here!

For the topic @noodler wrote, is there some existing model of what you want done? I mean like mentioned, how long are they at the counter, when and how do they leave, is there a cap on how many can be in the diner at once or are they infinite? Etc.

I love the concept. I love the challenge. Here’s a mockup of the queue. I’m not sure how to move the lines up. I’m assuming it could involve a ray cast or something I don’t know but this is a nice start.

This concept might not be the best but it’s a starting point. It at minimum demonstrates the path finder.

try me: Click the button to spawn customers and click a customer to make them leave.

The customer object has the path finder behavior and all object points are in the center.

source: (click the green [code] and download)

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