Customize Font on Loading Screen with Gdevelop Subscription

It would be cool if you were able to put a custom font and/or a custom background image on the loading screen if you had a GDevelop subscription. This would make the loading screen fit better with some games, and it would look a lot better for people who are willing to pay the subscription.

I’m in on this, at least if we can’t customize the font we really need a way to get percentage and make something with.
for instance convert percentage to a sprite bar or something similar to this



This has already been suggested multiple times and is on the roadmap already.

Ok, but there is a way to get the current progress right now? I found some Github file that replace pixerenders and so the background, but i really want to get the percentage to transform the numbers into a sprite bar.

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Nothing stops you from modifying the Js files of the loading screen. You need to know Js and what you are doing to not break the game tho. There is no other solution ATM.

Sure but is not my intent to modify, the GDevelop core files, I was just asking. If there is no other way, then we wait until that roadmap.
@arthuro555 thanks for your help.