Dark orbit Remix?

Would it be possible to make a remix of the popular game, dark orbit? (found here darkorbit.bigpoint.com/) Thanks.

It is possible to create a game similar to Dark Orbit for one player. Concerning the multiplayer support, it’s something complex and there is not, for now at least, any extension to send or receive data from a server ( “sockets” ). ( There is a “Network” extension for the native platform, but it is better to have some knowledge in network programming to use it efficiently )

ok, so 2 more questions. 1: can you show me a little demo of the dark orbit remix? and 2: can you run a .exe file on game develop to edit it to your own liking? ty

Sorry, I don’t have the time to do it. It’s your job to use GD to create your game :wink:
Everything that could be customized in Game Develop can be done inside the editor and with the options window ( File > Options ).