Dash animation help

Hey there! So first off Im new to gdevelop and game building, only started this weekend - so please ELI5 if you can help with anything here.

I am trying to build a dash that is only usable when moving directionally, has a cooldown of 2 seconds and triggers a slide animation (animation 2) when activated, then when that action is done I want the animation to revert back to walking (animation 1)

Whats happening :

The cooldown, dash movement and slide animation work great, but when I click the button to trigger the event(shift or right mouse) the animation changes to the dash animation(animation 2) when the dash is on cooldown when I would like it to stay on walking(animation 1) when on cooldown.

Any help is appreciated!

You’ve got an unconditional action that changes the animation when the LShift or RMB is pressed: