Data storage in the cloud!

How do I store user data in the cloud? So that even if the player delete the game, he can restore his data. Is it possible? How?

Define “the cloud”. The cloud is pretty much just another word for server. How to save there depends on what kind of server you are talking about.

If it’s for android, doesn’t google have something for saving game progress? I’ve played many games on my phone that all seem to save to some sort of Google service.

Can that work with GD games?

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I have zero experience in this, I think data hosting services like Heroku are the answer, and they have a free option too. I know this because I saw it in a tutorial about online multiplayer using Gdevelop.

Tell me how to use Heroku in GDevelop?

Heroku is no data storing service. It’s a cloud provider. The closet they offer is to host a database for you, but it gets expensive quick, is hard to use, and isn’t directly usable: it’s only providing data storage, but you don’t want anyone to be able to write other’s saves, delete everything, store their own stuff including illegal stuff that you would be responsible for having on your database… That’s why getting a database (which the the only data storage option offered by heroku) is not enough, you would need to code your own service as middle man to check if the requests made by the game are indeed legit, contain the right data, only accesses your own data, etc.

It is technically possible but you need some Java and JavaScript knowledge to build bindings from the Google Play Games Java APIs to Cordova (JavaScript), since there exists currently no working ones.

If you want to do your own online saving system, I’d recommend firebase (which has bindings built-into GDevelop) as it provided a special database (Firestore) that has security rules, allowing to secure it without Middleware, and also handles authentication for you.

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How to use firebase for this?

On the wiki you have a page for it, click on Wiki on top of this forum :wink:

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Okay, I’ll take a look, thanks in advance!

Sorry, I can’t find this on the wiki, could you please give me a link to the exact page where it is written?

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