Day/Night Cycle

Hello everyone!

I have a question. Entropy is designing a day/night cycle extension but after hearing it could take months for approval, that’s just too long.

What is the easiest way (and most understandable) to create a gradual day/night cycle for a top down life simulator RPG WITH a 24 hour clock?


Where you get your device’s time and change the time accordingly?


I misread Entropy’s statement. He’s going to send it to me on Discord.

However, for the purpose of explaining, I want to create a fictional 24 hour clock and as time goes by (1 minute per second or possibly more minutes per second as shown on the clock) the lighting of the layer gradually changes and adjusts to the time on the clock. :slight_smile:

Something like GTA? Where 1 sec = 1 fictional minutes.
And another question, who is Entropy?

Yeah like that.

I’d display it probably at the top right or left of the screen. Maybe the bottom left. Bottom right is reserved for the main menu and the stats button.

Entropy is a Community Contributor. Part of the GDevelop Discord Server. :slight_smile:

Maybe Color Adjustment effect may work

I haven’t used it so I don’t know. You can change its Parameters as the time passes.

Or, in another layer, an image with very low, near 0 opacity, that changes its color and opacity as time passes.

Yeah. I think there was like a Dark Night effect and a Light Night Effect. The Light Night effect isn’t dark but you don’t want the game too dark or else players will struggle to see.

However, as you said, I could use the Dark Night filter to add more realism and just adjust the opacity accordingly.