De/activate moving the mouse cursor with touches

I have buttons in my game that work like this:

Whenever I deactivate moving the mouse cursor with touches, the button doesn’t work anymore. How do I fix it with the button behavior working the same way it is?

Unfortunately, you don’t.

Anything specifically calling out “mouse” or “cursor” is designed for single touch use with a simulated cursor. You will need to review the wiki and the Multitouch example to learn the multitouch events and touchIDs, and use that to build out your events. These will need to be in an “Or” statement with your existing conditions if you want the cursor to keep working for PCs.

The game is mobile only, but if I don’t deactivate moving the mouse cursor with touches then there will be an invisible cursor in the last place I clicked and it highlights some of the buttons.

I tried seeing if I could move the mouse off the screen after touch released but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

As mentioned, you will have to redo your events to use Multitouch conditions and actions. You will not be able to use the single touch/mouse events. The screenshot you provided only includes singletouch/virtual mouse events.

Review the Multitouch example in the main example list to see more of how it is set up.