Deactivate Behavior should delete it temporarily

Like the title states, the deactivate behavior action should temporarily delete the behavior. This feature is especially useful for optimizing games. Currently, I have found that the #1 reason for lag within my game is the physics behavior being applied to thousands of necessary objects. Despite me trying to only apply the physics behavior to a proximity, the problems are lowered, but still prominent.

I’m not exactly sure if the Deactivate Behavior action already does this.

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i already explained to you that it does not

Imagine this
You have 100 kids in school
Each kid carry 5kg fan on their back
But fans should be only ON when you are near them
So you could order kids to turn off fans when you are more than 10m away from them
This is turning off behavior if distance is more than 10m

This way you save power
BUUUT since kids still need to carry that fans on their back they get tired faster
So you need to provide more/faster food and drinks for them to sustain them active in school

That’s why you ask for feature to temporary remove behavior
This is letting kids put down fans on the ground when you are more than 10m away from kids
This way kids won’t get tired so fast/often and you won’t need to supply drinks/food so fast and as much
Or in other words kids fatigue would be minimal since most of them time they do not need to carry fans and power loss is minimal

And that is the difference between de activating behavior and temporary removing it

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That’s not a correct way to explain it. The behavior properties & state is kept in memory when he behavior is deactivated, but RAM usage has very little do with performance, especially such a negligible, tiny amount of it, since RAM only becomes a performance liability once your system runs out of it. Behaviors’ code isn’t being run when deactivated, so the actual performance impact is minimal.

Temporarily removing a behavior would only mean not keeping that RAM in memory, thus resetting the state & properties values of the behavior if it had any upon reactivation, and would proviovide 0 performance benefits.

I am not aware how it works in the engine
My knowledge of it is next to zero so i can’t argue with that
However i can explain what me and Maji are experiencing with test i made here

Download links do not work anymore (i can provide same copy of my project if needed)
However preview links still work and any1 is able to test them