Dealing with level length..?

Hey all. I’ve been working on a platformer and progress is coming along nicely. But I’ve hit a small roadblock that I need help figuring out.
Luckily, since my game is mainly based around overcoming enemies rather than actual platforming skills, and there’s no life system (you still die, but restart the stage as many times as you want, a la Gunman Clive) the levels are quite short.
Buuuut—! I’d like to know how to overcome the limits. The camera in the editor starts off in the middle- I’ve tried building all the way to the left, but then the camera system I’ve set up doesn’t quite work.
Is there anyway to make the editor scroll further to the right…? I know I can zoom out, but then I can’t see the level because everything is small.

Are you using the parallax scrolling events for your camera set up?

You can zoom in and drag the screen along the X or Y axis like this:


Oh, i know you can drag the screen, my issue is that there seems to be a certain point where the screen stops in the editor, if that makes sense.

Ah, I may have encountered the same thing. I can only drag up to the corners, then it stops and it’s difficult to move past that point. I have to zoom out and then back in on the area closest to the corner. But it’s still limited in how far I can go up or from side to side.