Defining Paths

I am a tad confused here. In the scene editor when you scroll around with the mouse there is a position counter in the bottom left corner. I assume this is tracking the x, y position of the mouse. When i am trying to define a path’s location relative to its location in the scene I have to enter something totally different to get the object to appear in that approximate location. In other words the mouse counter says 151.999, 117.999 but when I enter coords in for the path location in the Path Automatism editor I have to put in 10, 0. Why is this? Also I am not understanding the formulas to make Paths or Pathfinding work. Available functions don’t seem to make sense on the surface and the tutorials, etc are not in-depth enough to teach the steps necessary to link it all together. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
Right on then, back to my trial and error sessions.

In engine 0,0 is bottom right corner, I think. Though I agree Florian should make it consistent either way.