Delay in play a sound

I am using play a sound with the condition from the beginning but have noticed that there is at least a 1 second delay before the music starts up.
I would like the music to start from the moment the scene is loaded is there anyway I can Achieve this.
At first I thought that the music file I was using didn’t start and had a second of silence at the start but found out that this wasn’t the case.
It just the 1 second delay kind of spoils the atmosphere of the game.

Any help greatly appreciated

In the Resources tab, I believe there’s a setting to preload the sounds, to avoid such delays.


To add to Gruk’s suggestion, ensure you’re using the “sound” actions and not the “Music” actions. The music actions are great for streaming files, but it does mean it has to buffer before it starts playing.

The sound actions are for sound files rather than sound effects, and using those actions + preloading like Gruk mentioned above will help avoid any delays.


If the preload sounds are checked in the app will it be preloaded also when playing on

They should be, yes.