delay in scene change / animation timer

after a player reaches the goal in a level they go straight to the next level/scene instantly. after a player hits an enemy they die and the stage starts over instantly.

what i hope to do is after a hit / level change is add a delay so an animation can loop for 1 second and then proceed with a level change or respawn at the start of the level.

i dont see too many tutorials on timers and am unsure the difference between a scene timer, object timer or variable timer and what would work best in this situation?

I’ve only used scene timers so far, so not sure of the differences myself, but I think that a scene timer should be fine for what you want to do. Try something like this:

Conditions: Player collides with Enemy
Actions: Reset scene timer "Delay"

Conditions: Scene timer "Delay" > 1 second
Actions: [Player dies, reset scene, etc.]

BWPanda - thanks again for the help! it works…kind of , haha! there are a few things:

if a player has a collision with a platform that is supposed to kill them, it simply no longer does, the player can simply walk on them unharmed, is this possibly because i grouped sprite objects with platform objects?

the sprite objects work perfect when in collision, though when i add an animation it will pause my character for one second, then play the quick animation after the delay, i was hoping to loop the animation during the delay?

this is my set up without the animation added yet, i wasnt sure how to add so it would loop during delay?

Are you able to attach/link to your game file? Then I can have a better look…

thank you, that would be awesome! sent you a message with the link!

Brother this is not working for me