Delay when using typewriter effect

I am using the typewriter effect behavior for the BBtext object.

When displaying text like in the image, only the colored text is displayed slowly.

Is it possible to display all the text smoothly?

While I cannot give you a solution, I can give you context:

The user extension for Typewriter effect was created before BBText existed. Because of how BBtext renders, the Typewriter effect is seeing your BBcode ([b]/[color]/etc) as characters to be used in the typewriter effect. Because of that, there is a delay as it “types out” [color], as an example. Even though the BBText object doesn’t render it.

Thanks for the reply.
I understood that it is difficult to solve the problem.
I will try to find another way.

This code doesn’t eliminate the problem but vastly reduces it. In this example I created a BBText object (NewBBText), a scene variable (LastTypedCharacter) and a Text object (NewText) to show each character being processed by the AutoTyping effect (that way you can see the speed change). Then the code just tests each new character and if it is a ‘[’ then it sets the typing interval to zero (as fast as possible) and if it is a ‘]’ it it sets the typing speed back to whatever your default is (I hard coded .1, you should use a global typing speed variable probably). This means that hidden text like “[outline=yellow]” gets processed super quick while the regular text gets typed out slowly but without the huge delays while it processes the formatting. Of course if your text actually contains the characters “[” or “]” they will adjust the typing speed so you will want to avoid using them (not too much of a hardship for having a usable typing function). Hope this helps: