Delaying the spawning of a player after death

I have a 3-lives game, and the way it’s set up now, the player respawns almost instantaneously after death… a little too soon.

I’ve tried to create a timer to delay the respawn of the player, but when I do it simply doesn’t respawn at all.

Here’s what I’ve got below!
Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 11.04.53 AM|690x134

The reset timer should come at the end of the condition above

This is so that when the shuttle is destroyed in the collision, then after 2 seconds of that the re-spawning occurs. Also after doing that if it still doesn’t work then the re-spawn code, don’t keep it as a sub-condition of the shuttle being destroyed.


Okay, I tried that, and everything else is resetting properly except for the shuttle itself. The necessary counters reset properly; but the shuttle itself just won’t appear.

Would adding an “if” condition make a difference?

there isn’t an if condition(unless you mean the one under function well as far as I know ) as conditions as far as I understand is the if statements the timer thing would work but since your deleting the shuttle and its a subevent of the collision with metro and shuttle the timer wouldn’t work because it’s not in a collision as it’s been deleted(i assume that’s what happening) so move the event with timer in it outside to be a normal event, not subevent


Aha! Got it! For some reason it only worked when I set the value for the number of shuttles as “less than or equal to” 0 instead of just “less than” 0. Also, I switched the timer to a scene timer instead of an object timer. But it’s finally working now! Thank you for the help!