Delete Object and create a new in a random spot

Hello I have a question,

I want my character to run into an object that is collectible, but after my player has run into this item I would like it to be deleted and then an item would be created in a random spot on the map.

I have been scratching my head on how I would do this, like if I would need to use a hide on the object or what, I tried using

Condition: Obj player in collision with object

Action: delete object
create object at position RandomInRange(0, 4800); (0, 480)

could someone help me figure this out, thank you!

But you exactly figured it out
In event where you have delete object
Under that action you go with create object and use RandomInRange
That’s all

Thank you so much for your reply, sadly even though I input all of this, the item gets deleted but it doesn’t create a new item.

And I want it to create an item after I have run into the item and the item gets deleted.

So I’m not sure if maybe I’m doing the number wrong or what but it’s not working for me.

Maybe it keeps reading the delete item action. Use Wait 0.1 Seconds between the Delete and the Create object.

There are only 2 possible cause of that

1 - You did put in both X and Y coordinates X and X or Y and Y
Liker for X position you set Player.X() and for Y also Player.X() instead of Player.Y()
2 - Object spawns on player and gets deleted automatically because you did not put there trigger once