Delete unused assets files

My suggestion is to add an option just like the “Remove Unused Images” but removing the actual files from the project folder.

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what? I mean the “Remove Unused Images” option in the Resources and add another one saying “Remove Unused Files From Project” or something like this, which will actually remove the unused images from Resources and remove the actual file from the project folder aswell…


We can do but we can’t. Let’s me explain :slight_smile:
This will don’t has been done. Because all assets are not necessarily in the project file.

If you create a sprite object, you put an image that is on the desktop, the link will go to the desktop.
If you delete the image from the desktop, GD will no longer find it.

So if you make a button to delete the file from the folder, it will delete the image from the desktop and it’s bad to delete things like that.

Files stay where you get it.
None of files is copy in your project folder.
You have this warning when you use a files outside your project folder

First of all, the image should be copied for import into the game folder. But even that’s still under discussion.
We need you here


hi, maybe what will be usefull is that when compiling unused resources weren’t added to the final compiled program, but I think it won’t be easy.
Meanwhile you could have resources for furute enacements and they will be deleted if they are not still in code

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