Feature Request: Ask to import resources before adding to game

The problem statement:

When linking to an image or other resource that is outside your project folder, it pops up a warning saying that if that resource moves, things might break.

The proposed solution:

When you try to link to a resource outside your project folder, offer to copy it into your resource folder first.

“Would you like to make a copy in your project folder to this file first? Yes | No”

Hitting “Yes” would make a copy in the right directory, and auto update the url that you want to use in your image path, etc. No extra dialog is necessary.


This should be incredibly easy to accomplish and would definitely simplify development.

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I’am ok with your request, i think it’s logic and better for new users.
in this way, people who share a project to debug will share all the assets with and not just their game.json.

For collaborative projects I think it’s also a good thing to put everything in the same place.


Right, I was not so sure about this because I thought it could be disturbing to add images, then have them copied to the game folder without knowing it.
But with the dialog asking for confirmation, it should be good :slight_smile:

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I think is not a big deal, I usually put all assets inside the project folder is just a matter of the way you work, but you can warn the user.
I think you could spend time in other features :sunglasses:

You are most likely someone who’s had some experience working on games and fully understand how that works. As a game engine that has an audience of potentially younger developers, or less experienced, having ease of use features like this makes the difference between choosing something like Construct 2, or GDevelop. Of course there’s always going to be more important features for the core developer to tackle, but this could be a good way for someone else to contribute to the project.

The creator has already expressed his desire elsewhere to list UI features and processes that could be better streamlined. This is just one example.

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Thanks all for your points of view about this :slight_smile:
I was initially skeptical about this but turns out this could remove a big pain points for new users without actually making things worse for experimented users.

I’ve implemented this for the next version :slight_smile: If you try to add some file(s) that is/are outside of the project folder, you’ll be asked if they should be copied in the project folder (and that it is recommended to say yes :))


I really love this feature!

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