(Demonophobia:Redux movement test) how do i make a dummy character move?

How am i supposed to make a character move? Like pressing A/D to walk left/right, press & hold Shift to run, press & hold S to crouch then A/D to crawl.


If you go in the behavior of your object you can add a Platformer Character Behavior to your Hero, and a Platformer Behavior for your platform.
Plus i suggest you to follow the series of tutorials on the official Channel of Gdevelop if you are new in our community.

I tried, but something gone wrong.

some sprites should be at the same position as idle sprite.
Would I mind putting a demo file here?

This happen when you have some animation who have more pixel than other animations, to fix that i suggest to add to all animation a big empty rectangle like that

As you can see this other animation is more bigger than the Idle one, but the empty space helps ne to fix the issue.