Depth Effect extension: how do i stop my player object from jittering

just a quick question, i just added the depth effect on my player character for a side scroller game, but for some reason the character sprite is constantly jittering up and down. does this have to do with the horizon line or is it something else?

Are you sure it’s related to the extension? Does the issue stop when you remove that behavior?
I just gave it a try, worked fine for me.

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Hi, I had a jittering of my character just show up once as well, it may have nothing to do with your jittering (I didn’t use what you are) but maybe it helps point to an answer. Anyway, I had added in the code to change the window title at the beginning of scene, and somehow had dragged it into another action by mistake, and it turned out to be causing a strange jittering of just the character. It was on a game I had worked on for about a year already with no jittering, and then it took me about a week of troubleshooting to figure out it was this simple issue. So, I don’t know if that helps your situation, but maybe just double checking over to make sure everything is “in the right place” would be helpful. :slight_smile:

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no its specifically when i add the extension. however looking into it i might just have to do some cleanup for my code.

i think you might be right, i do hav a bit of spaghetti code that might need cleaning up. thanks for the insight. :ok_hand: