Destroy outside screen behavior ? What's going on ?

So i have a little problem … i need to delete the bullets at a specific distance from the player . So i did the destroy outside screen behavior from the events and also i activate the behavior for the bullet .

Now the thing is … how do i limit that with the event … the numbers … what should i type in ?
If i make it a Negative number does this mean the bullets disappear faster ?
Do i do it ( = or + or - ) … what does it mean to the border ? I need to make it less do i type in = -70 or for example - 70 ? I’m just confused sorry :confused:

Also something is wierd …
Whenever i change the borders from the events if the player in on the floor the borders change but if he was in the air … jumping (above the floor) the borders will go back to the right value i typed in the event .
Something is just not right about the whole thing .

If anyone can test it out . It would be nice .
Thank a lot for helping as always .
Waiting patiently :slight_smile:

I think the ‘destroy outside the screen’ behaviour just deletes an object when that object passes outside of the currently shown camera area. You don’t set the area yourself in the event.

If you want to destroy the bullets after they have moved a set distance then you can just delete them after a certain amount of time as this will correspond to a particular distance (based on the speed of the bullet). A bullet moving at 100pixels/sec will be limited to moving 100 pixels, if it is set up to be destroyed 1 second after it was created.

Example here:

Awesome … it’s working just fine … thanks a lot :smiley: