Destroying object

I’m very new at this, I’ve been trying to recreate a game I made on construct 2, and I’m stuck.
It is a bubble popping game with random bubbles floating up the screen.
I put on touched or left mouse button, delete bubble.

But when clicked it deletes all the bubbles not just one, I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction, as I couldn’t find anything on tutorials or youtube.
Thanks, Dave

For a classic PC should be easy as:

Conditions: Mouse left button pressed Cursor is over Bubble Actions: Delete Bubble
The condition “Cursor is over Bubble” filters the Bubble objects, so it deletes only the Bubble objects under the cursor :slight_smile:

Not sure about multitouch… You have to deactivate the “Move mouse cursor with touches” and just check if a touch is over a Bubble (not need to check for a button press) I think.

That’s great :smiley: , thanks very much Lizard, you’re a star!