Detect a number sequence in playing cards

I am really stuck with this problem, and I know it is a tough one to explain probably, but I would be very appreciative if anyone knows a good solution. Thanks!

How do I…

I am creating a game that incorporates elements of the card game Gin Rummy. Learning Gdevelop has gone great up until now, and I am stuck. I have tried many different methods to detect a series of cards in the same suit with varying degrees of success.

What is the expected result

Detect runs of 3 or more cards in the same suit (3,4,5,6 of Hearts). Do something to those cards, Change tint, relocate, etc.

What is the actual result

Anywhere from only one rank of card detecting to all of the cards becoming tinted to just nothing detecting…

This example compare card color and number if it can help:

There may be something in there that is useful. Sorry for my slow reply. Thanks so much! I will look it over.