Detecting game object destruction.

Hello gdevelop community,
I’d like to start this post of saying that I’m extremely new to gdevelop and I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section or if this question is just plain dumb. Anyway I’d like to know what condition I have to use to detect whether or not an object has been destroyed?

In GDevelop there is no condition to check if an object “destroyed” in general.
What you could try depends on what you really want to do is:

About the same time as you delete an object, trigger all the actions you want to be triggered when the object is destroyed.
To make your life easier, in case the actions are complex, you can create it inside an external event and simply link the event whenever you want to use it. You can also put objects in to groups and trigger events on groups in case you need to use the same events on different objects.

Alternatively, you can also count the number of instance in the scene and trigger actions whenever the number of instance in the scene is decreased = any instance is destroyed.

Thanks for the help