Development roadmap?

Well, it is not really a feature request, only a page on the website or a topic on the forum, where 4ian could make a list of features he is implementing right now and also make a list of (seriously) planned features going to be implemented in the close future and distant future, keep updated frequently as it changes. I find it very useful some places. And maybe forum members can vote on features what to be implemented next but not necessarily. This way people know what is planned and what to expect in the future.

A Development roadmap could help for people to see it if the development is going in to a direction what they like and suit to their plans and needs, it is worth to spend time on GD, it is worth to join the community and suggest anything, if it has no the feature what needed, it is going to be implemented ever, it is worth to start development in GD.
It could also show that if there is a serious development plan behind GD and it has future.

Only a suggestion.

I usually do not follow a rigid roadmap, I have a list of things to be done and I try to one thing according to its priority. ( When bugs are reported, I stop working on it to fix the bugs ).
For now I’m creating a small online game uploading service, to allow users uploading HTML5 games directly to the internet: In the next version, when exporting a game, you’ll have the choice between the classic export as well as an option to package the game in a zip file and send it to this service. It think it’s important, especially for beginners users who do not know how to upload a game on a web storage and it could be motivating for the whole community, and for me, if there are nice games uploaded!

In the long term, I’m mainly planning to add/port new features ( Dynamic lights/shadow, pathfinding… ) for HTML5 games so that the web platform will be as powerful as the native one. :slight_smile:
Adding support for shaders and post effects is also planned in the future. Apart from this, I’m not thinking about major new features for now, I think the core of Game Develop is quite good. The software mainly need polishing and new features for HTML5 games.

I hope that if shader support is added, you’ll work on some “visual shader designer”, kinda like Blender’s Node Editor.

Support for writing shaders directly in GLSL should be there, but such editor would simplify things for beginners.

If shaders are implemented, there would surely be a list of available shaders, like in Construct. This will allow beginners to choose the effect(s) they want, and advanced users can add new shaders that they coded.

No, you misunderstood. I’d like some sort of “shader wizard”, like Blender’s Node Editor (just look up video of someone using it or better, try it yourself). It would allow for “visually” creating shaders, pretty much like you can visually create game logic using events.

Advanced users could code directly in GLSL, while beginners would be able to “click out” a shader. Performance would be lesser in case of “clicked” shader, but I think it is tradeoff many people would be willing to pay if they don’t have to use GLSL or choose premade shader.

Another, perhaps more relevant, example is Strumpy Shader Editor for Unity.