Devtools not working (need it for testing Steam achievements)

Hi there,

I’m trying to implement the Steam achievements in my game, I’m running through the guide made by arthuro555. Although its a real pain, I’ve come a long way and ready to test a dummy achievement.

However, devtools is not working in my game. Therefore I cannot test the achievement. It doesnt matter how I publish the game, whether its exported manually or automatic, the game will not open devtools. Ofcourse in the preview it works.

I’ve also waited a while after pressing ctrl+shift+i or F12 to see if I accidently closed it, but no luck. There are lots of online tips on this issue, but no luck.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to proceed?

My game is accepted by Steam and is ready to get flagged as “coming soon” by me. However I really want to implement those achievements first.

By the way, also thanks to the suggestion from Krunkster in an earlier topic to place the Steam SDK folder outside the node_modules path. Without this tip its impossible to build the game with Yarn.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

What export do you use?
ctrl+shift+i works in any Web browser, I believe.

To clarify, the browser dev tools are not available in executable builds (exe/apk/etc) as far as I know. It should be accessible for any web builds, though.

I was able to get Dev tools working fine in an old project I was working on. As long as your building with electorn the below should work within a JS box (I had mine activated by F3).

var electronBrowserWindow = require('electron').remote.getCurrentWindow();


I am only following the steps as provided in the guide from arthuro555, and to test the Steam achievement, one needs to access the devtools

also thanks Eiklahc for your suggestion

But I think I managed to access the devtools by adding the following:

mainWindow.webContents.openDevTools({ mode: 'detach' })`



and then it works

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