Dialog with yarn is skip

Hello everyone,

I have a dialog with options. After the yes option is selected, I want the npc to have an other dialog.
To do that, I used Branch yes has been visited. But when I do that the dialog in yes branch is skipped…

Thank you


Sorry for spam but i can put one image per post![dialog2|690x182]![dialog2|690x182]

If you want soldat2b text in the dialogue then fill the text of soldat2b in the Yes branch.

Hello Mixen, thank you. But What I want is one player has visited yes branch, the npc react differently…

You can use commands for action…

And do
If __ command is called
Do something

Thank you but it does not work with commands

You have to use commands from the event editor.

Like this, are you doing this?

Yes i did that
Plus in the json file I put << command >> in the dialog but nothing happened

don’t make your commands long

My command name is << test >>

I made a simple example but it still don’t work… I don’t understand why

json file