DialogBox wont advance dialogue / trying to make complex dialogue system with DialogBox by PANDAKO

hello, i hope you’re having a good day or night

i decided to post here after trying fruitlessly for days to fix the problem that brings me here, for which i found no information or similar posts.

what im trying to do
im trying to implement complex dialogue into my game using global variables and the DialogBox extension by PANDAKO (not yarn, not anything else, i want to do it with this system or at least know if its possible or impossible to do).what i mean by this is having npcs say different things based on what variables say.

it works pretty good for simple dialogue not involving conditioning variables, but once i put them in, things start acting weird

i press A, left mouse button, or hover the mouse (or touch on phone) the white arrow) and the dialogue advanced , everything good

what doesn’t work

i have other npcs whose dialogue varies depending on what certain variables say, and for a reason unknown to me, these dialogues wont advance no matter how much i press the inputs for advancing the dialogue

i’ll leave the multiple screenshots on imgur since i cant post multiple screenshots as a new user here

i’ve been stuck with this for an entire week, unable to advance. i’ve tried many things, with no ultimate success. i hope someone can help me, i dont wanna give up on the DialogBox extension since its the one i chose to learn first

here’s the minimal game containing the affected area

hello again

after a while of struggling, i found a workaround

instead of putting the conditions right at the beginning, i put them as a sub event, this allowed me for complex dialogue without the annoying dialog box freeze

there is still 1 single npc that continues to freeze (tho sometimes it doesn’t freeze) no matter what, i have yet not found an explanation, but hey, time’s up for my project and i had to finish it